Change is Possible!!

Welcome to my Website!

I am committed to helping people in a time of need in a very human and boundaried professional manner.

I believe that we can make changes in our lives!  – generally not who we are but we can tweak things so that life is meaningful and full.  Enjoying who we are.  I work in many different ways offering therapeutic work to individuals, couples & groups of people. I offer clinical & professional supervision to therapists and others.

Therapy –

  • individual & couples

Workshop – Personal Development Groups – (see workshop page)

  • Developing Self-esteem Friend or Foe),
  • Living with HIV (Positive Lives),
  • Getting Older (Gay and Getting Older Gracefully – or disgracefully!),
  • Changing Addictive Behaviours (drugs, sex, alcohol Etc)

Transformation Games (see Transformation Games page)

  • Totnes & London


  • Individual
  • Group

Reflective Practice

  • Managers – organisational groups
  • Managers – CEO
  • Practitioners and Therapists – Organisations

Humanist Weddings and Veganism

  • Non-religious weddings
  • I love vegan living!

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