Change is Possible!!

Welcome to my Website!

I am committed to helping people at this time of need in a very human way. I use my skills & life experience gained over the years.  

I believe that the world is in a difficult place.  Boris Johnson, Racism, climate change, coronavirus, Brexit, conflict, austerity, bullying, discrimination and the imminent dangers that are being presented mean that the structures and order we live in are less certain.  Uncertainties in the system can mean that we have anxieties and other feelings that make it harder to live as we once thought and hoped.   These things while being systemic mean we also can be personally affected.

However we can find resilience and strength in new ways of not only dealing with these issues but finding new meaning and real connection in our lives.

 We can make changes!  – Generally not about who we are but we can tweak ourselves so that life is meaningful rather than isolated, conflictual and lonely existences.  To find gratitude for who we are and what we have in our lives rather than concerns and fear for what we do not have.  I work in many different ways offering therapeutic and energetic work.

Therapy –

  • Currently taking online clients only.

Workshop – Personal Development Groups – (see workshop page

 Growing old gracefully and disgracefully! 

28/29th October 2023 – London N7.

Transformation Games (see Transformation Games page)


Veganism and Humanity

  • I am a humanist – have a belief in humanity and the importance of relationships and spirit.
  • I love vegan living!

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