XR (extinction rebellion) & Veganism.

The UK group of Extinction Rebellion has three core demands:

1) Tell the truth
The government must tell the truth about the scale of the ecological crisis by declaring a climate emergency, “working with other groups and institutions to communicate the urgent need for change”.

2) Net zero emissions by 2025
The UK must drastically cut its greenhouse gas emissions, hitting net zero by 2025.

3) Citizens’ assembly
The government must create a citizens’ assembly to hear evidence and devise policy to tackle the climate crisis. Citizens’ assemblies bring together ordinary people to investigate, discuss and make recommendations on how to respond, in this case, to the ecological emergency.

In the US activists have added a further demand: “A just transition that prioritises the most vulnerable and indigenous sovereignty and establishes reparations and remediation led by and for black people, indigenous people, people of colour and poor communities for years of environmental injustice.”


 I love eating a vegan diet and having a vegan lifestyle!

I think that the food I cook is amazing and is good for my health, the planet and animals.  so all winners. I respect people who are in transition eating less meat or using plant milk with all its health and other advantages.

I read Dr Michael Gregor’s book ‘How not to die!’.  I picked it up at Heathrow on my way to Guatemala.  He comes from a health perspective and sees that type 2 diabetes, a lot of heart conditions and obesity conditions can be avoided by reducing animal products.

Some vegans eat honey. I dont – my grandfather was a bee keeping.  He, like most other bee keepings used to say. I only take the honey excess.  I dont believe this is true – they take the honey and place it with dissolved sugar.  Sugar is not good for humans so why would it be good for bees.  Bees have been having a range of diseases and infections over recent years.  Is this due to sugar?

Anyway I am really happy with diet. I put energy into thinking about what I eat.  I try and eat 12 portions of fruit and veg daily as well as Dr Gregor’s daily dozen that includes a range of seeds, lentils, beans, nuts, grains, fruit, veg, exercise and drinks as well as vit B12.