Personal Development Workshops:

Friend or Foe

Are you a good friend to yourself or your own worst enemy? Friend or Foe is a weekend workshop exploring reflecting on self-esteem. It looks at how you can relate to yourself in more compassionate, supportive and constructive ways and move away from being critical, nasty or destructive to yourself.



Positive Lives! 2018 

Many of us live well with the virus! Life is good and meds keep us well!   Being undectectable we are not infectious for HIV. In this workshop we will share reflections on the changing experience of HIV amongst gay, bi & queer men. We’ll explore how we are adjusting to changes in our identities, practices in relation to our sexual lives.

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Future workshops – please let me know if interested.

Out of Control?  Do you sometimes feel out of control about sex?  This weekend is for gay men who are unhappy about the amount or kind of sex they are having.  The weekend will explore ways to gain control and develop a more positive relationship with your sex life.

The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for gay/bi men to explore their personal experiences of feeling out of control in relation to sex and sexuality. To introduce participants to models of sexual compulsion and addiction and to consider whether these are useful to them. To gain insight and understanding about their own sexual activity, and where desired, make plans and gain support and ideas for making changes in the future


Positive Lives:

Do you want to talk with other HIV positive men about sex, relationships and life? Positive Lives is a weekend workshop for gay/bi men living with the virus to share their experiences with other men, and explore how they want their lives to develop in the future.